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Mixed Two-ball

This tournament will not be run this year. Page included for information only!

This is a Modified Texas Scramble Combined Handicap Format.

Mixed Two Ball
Mixed Two Ball


  • This is a 2-person team play tournament consisting of one player from the Ladies’ club and one player from the Mens’ club.
  • Your team handicap is 75% of your combined average. For example, Alice’s handicap is 14 and Joe’s handicap is 10. The average is 12 +16 = 24 divided by 2 = 12. 75% of 12 is 9, which is the team handicap.
  • Pick your own partner or just sign up and we will match you with someone.


    • Texas Scramble format. Each player hits off the tee. The best shot is chosen and both players play from there. The best shot is again chosen and both players play from there. This continues until the ball is holed.
    • 5 tee shots from each player must be used.
    • In the event of ties, the team with the best back nine will win. If the teams are still tied, a count back will be used to determine the winner.


    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd low team net score.
    • Ladies and Mens’ closest to the pin
    • Ladies and Men’s longest drive.
    • Fewest putts.


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