Victoria Mens' Club

2016 Singles and Doubles Match Play

Hello Gentlemen, the following is a brief instruction and explanation of some key points for the 2016 Singles/Doubles Match Play Tournament.

I would first like to say that in order for this tournament to be successful it will take a joint effort from EVERYONE INVOLVED to take the liberty of booking YOUR MATCHES and following through on them within the allotted Time frame.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO BOOK YOUR MATCHES AND COMPLETE THEM BEFORE THE DEADLINE FOR EACH BRACKET.  I am asking everyone who for any reason is NOT AVAILABLE for their next match in the allotted time frame, to honorably forfeit your match by contacting myself.  It is not fair to the person that wants to play their match but can not due to things out of Their control, only to lose to a coin flip.

The following are the expectations for the 2016 Match Play Tournaments.

  1. Both Tournament will start this Wednesday May 25.
  2. For singles match play you have till June 8 (2 weeks) to get your first match in then every 3 weeks . Tournament runs till Sep 21.
  3. For Doubles you have till June 15 to complete your first match (3 weeks) and then every 3 weeks. Tournament Runs till Sep 16.
  4. Hole # 4 will be a PUSH until it is fully opened.
  5. This is a handicap tournament.  Take the lowest handicap and subtract that from your handicap to get the amount of strokes allowed for the higher handicap player. Apply those strokes to the hardest HANDICAP holes on the COURSE SCORE CARD with 1 being the hardest and 18 being the easiest holes.  It is the low net score that wins the hole.  If you do not have a handicap unfortunately you will have to Play as a 0.  If you are not sure how to handicap your match please contact an executive for assistance.
  6. If a match is not played within the deadline then it will be decided by a coin flip.
  7. You can play your matches anytime you wish BUT when booking matches on a men’s night please indicate clearly who is in the match and if it is doubles or singles.  When handing in your cards please make sure to clearly indicate the winner of the match.  If your match is played on another day outside league play, please hand your card in on the following Wednesday.
  8. If you win your match, congratulations, please advance your name clearly on the tournament sheet in the men’s locker room and immediately start thinking about booking your next match.
  9. Please check the website for any updates and to see who you are playing throughout the season.

Please be advised that due to the format and number of players, the singles match play first round has to be played by no later than Saturday June 11th by 2pm. keep in mind most of you will basically only have wednesday June 1 to get your first match in by the time everyone gets this.  The Tournament sheets are now up on the website under league info at the bottom under Match Play.  Please check who you are playing and start booking Matches.

Good luck everyone and have fun!

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