Victoria Mens' Club

2017 Address from Match Play Chair

Hi everyone, I am really excited to be thinking about another golf season just around the corner and am enthusiastic to be taking on the role of Match Play Chair this year. This season long Singles and Doubles Match Play tournament provides its own unique scheduling challenges with vacations, inclement weather and even with the two match play formats for those competing in both factoring in.

To make the tournament successful, flexibility by all participants is appreciated in scheduling match play tee times in order to accommodate commitments outside of the club as tee times may not always be around the time each member prefers to play each week. The format of this tournament is great for the club as it gets members playing with others that they may not know or necessarily play a round with.

Being a long time member of the club I have seen this tournament get better throughout the years and hope that I can bring about some additional changes for further improvements. One of the changes this year will be email communications to the combatants as soon as I know a match is ready to be played to help expedite conversations to get the matches underway. The sooner matches can be played the more likely they can be completed before the deadlines. I will also be looking into the ways for determining who advances to the next round when matches are not completed by their deadlines in the hopes of using the dreaded coin flip as a last resort and avoiding the “he said he said” (men’s club) conversations as to why the match was not played. More details will follow before the tournament gets underway.

In conclusion, the weather is unpredictable and so might the decisions be for un-played matches after a few après-golf wobbly pops…kidding…or am I? One way to avoid this is to get your matches completed, the earlier the better. Hopefully we will have an early golf season start in order to get ready for the first round of matches starting around mid-May.


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