2021 Handicaps (as of 2020-06-16)

2021 Handicaps (as of 2020-06-16)
LastFirstNameStatusCourse HandicapIndex
Ahimbisibwe, A.ActiveNH NH
Allan, GregorActive914.1
Anderson, AaronActive711.7
Bandi, JodyActive1217.7
Beatty, BillActive1824
Bellmore, EdActive1420
BILOTTA, MARIOActive1116.9
Burton, JohnActive1014.8
Calibaba, J.Active1925.2
CAO, TRUNGActive1520.3
Chan, KourchActive2330.2
Chapman, AlActive2329.7
Cheung, WaiActive2128
CHIARELLO, ARTActive1621.4
Chow, LincolnActive2329.3
Christiansen, A.Active1217.1
Clarke, ReedActive1723.1
CONGCAR, C.Active37.1
Croucher, JohnActive2026.1
Crowley, MikeActive1115.9
Cunningham, JimActive1621.6
Damji, KarimActive1521
de Bruin, W.Active914.7
DEFAZIO, TONYActive1319.1
Fielding, ShaneActive15.3
FORSYTHE, D.Active610.7
Fulsom, MikeActive37.2
Garries, ScottActive2734.3
GIBSON, MARKActive26.2
Gibson, StephenActive15.7
GOWAN, PATRICKActive1521.3
Graumann, FrankActive2026.8
Grayston, AlanActive1420.1
Gutsch, GregActive1823.7
Hill, JasonActive3037.7
Ho, AndyActive1318.7
Hogan, ParkerActive914.4
Holmes, JohnActive1723.5
Hunter, ShawnActive1723.5
Huntley, TonyActive1520.6
JAMES, RICKActive1521.1
Jones, DerekActive59.2
KASSAM, SALIMActive1217.2
KASSAM, SHIRAZActive1318.6
Kendall, BradActive2026.2
Kerr, BrianActiveNH NH
Kinnear, DaveActive1520.6
Krystofiak, D.Active1824.3
Kupsch, JoshuaActive1116.3
Kuzik, AndrewActive711.7
KUZIK, DANAActive1014.8
Labreche, WayneActive1824
Lakhi, L.Active2633.2
Lashuk, VictorActive1521.2
Lavorato, D.Active1318.5
Lavorato, JoeActive1319.1
Leder, JeremiahActive2329.2
LEONG, PETERActive1621.9
Lubkey, SidActive2431.1
Lynch, RobbieActive1723.5
Mackenzie, C.ActiveNH NH
MacLaren, SeanActive1318.7
Mah, EddieActive1116.6
McCollum, BruceActive1622
McGowan, TaylorActive2127.3
MCKIM, BRUCEActive2026.9
Mills, LiamActive1419.9
Moar, JoshuaActive49
Moelhoff, K.Active3037.7
Morton, GavinActive2228.9
Morugama, N.Active1318.3
Mumby, DeanActive2127.2
MUSSBACHER, L.Active48.2
NALLI, ALLANActive510.2
Naundorf, RandyActive1520.7
O'Donnell, G.Active1420.2
Oliver, SheldonActive1116.5
Ostrovsky, IlyaActive610.7
Pastor, GregActive1217.4
Pickard, MikeActive812.7
Quibell, GrantActive1116.7
Rafols, JRActive1520.6
RAINEY, JIMActive1015.1
Rao, GuruprasadActive2431.3
RAY, TOMActive1925.1
Reid, HowardActive59.8
Reidie, DaveActiveNH NH
Ricioppo, TonyActiveNH NH
Rostrup, DaveActive1520.7
Salh, GaryActive914.7
Savard, RossActive1116.1
Schmermund, D.Active2228.5
Shell, CurtisActive2026.7
Shelley, TylerActive914.1
Shwetz, StanActive812.6
Simmons, S.Active49.1
Smith, JeffActive1015.5
Smith, John D.Active2430.8
Sokolowski, JimActive1722.6
Spence, RichardActive2329.6
Steinke, R.Active1420.2
Suvan, C.Active1520.7
Swart, RayActive1824.2
Symons, JonActive914.6
Tasovac, MilanActive1116.9
Thachuk, JordanActive37.8
TORKOLY, PAULActive1622.4
Trueman, ScottActive2228.1
Vallee, JordanActive+12.7
Venner, PeterActive1722.7
WADSWORTH, M.Active2430.4
WATSON, GREGGActive2228.6
Weaver, CharlesActive48.7
Weisner, RobActiveNH NH
Williams, J.Active48.5
WOLFF, JASONActive1823.7
Woodcroft, MikeActive1723.3
Zimmer, MarvinActive1319
Zimmerman, PaulActive1824.3


April 26, 2023 6:00 PM
August 30, 2023 12:00 AM

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