Ringer Board

Ringer Board

Current Results:

2020-08-26 Ringer Board (Final) Results (don’t forget to enter your hole by hole scores on the Golf Canada website – there are about 27 golfers from last week that did not enter their scores – make sure when you are posting your scores that you change the date to when you played the round)

2021 starts (May 5) and ends (August 25); Flighting based on course handicap (incl. July 7 – you have until July 8 11:59:59 PM – before midnight to post your hole by hole scores for Wednesday)

A golfer is automatically enrolled in ringer board once they become an official member of the Victoria Men’s Club (VMC). There are no additional fees required to pay to participate in the ringer board, your annual membership fee covers your entrance fee. For example the five dollars that is paid on Wednesday night; 100% of the money is paid out to hole prizes, 18 hole net score prizes, and 18 hole gross score prize (none of the money is used for ringer board prizes).

Ringer board is a year round competition that starts from the beginning of the men’s club season (e.g. first Wednesday of May) to the Wednesday before the club championship (for 2021 we extended this to August 25). Golfers compete over the competition period to post the best score over 18 holes of golf. By mid-June (e.g. June 19, 2019 for 2020 [extended to July 15] for 2021 [changed to July 7]) golfers will be flighted into five groups (0 to 6, 7 to 11, 12 to 15, 16 to 20, 21+) based on their course handicap. Once a golfer has been assigned to a flight, this is the flight you remain in for competition year. Therefore, it is important for golfers to post a their hole by hole scores to the Golf Canada web site to ensure you have an accurate course handicap to ensure you have been flighted to the right group.

Ringer board is a friendly competition among your fellow VMC members for a given flight. Prizes are awarded to golfers at the end of the year with the lowest 18 hole scores over the competition period. The payout method will be similar to PGA. There are three place prizes for each flight (e.g. prize breakdown per flight: 1st $50, 2nd $40, 3rd $30). Total payout (e.g.) is $120. If the lowest score in a flight is 60 and there are 5 golfers with that score; then $120/5 is the individual payout (golfers with a score of 61 or 62 get nothing). Or if there are individuals with a score of 60 and 61 (then there are clear cut winners of the first place and second place payouts; however if there were 3 golfers with a score of 62 (then individual payout is $30/3). Or if there were two golfers with a score of 60 and one with a score of 61 (payout is $90/2 and $30). Or if there were two golfers with 60 and two golfers with 61 (payout is $90/2 and $30/2). NOTE: the payout information is informative (actual amounts are determined by the executive – see attached links to the annual final results)

This is a friendly competition, however there are certain rules that apply to all golfers.

    1. Golfers must be an official member of the Victoria Men’s Club
    2. Golfers must play in an official 18 hole individual stroke play VMC event at Victoria Golf Course (i.e. Wednesday night, or a weekend stroke play tournament) – for example: Tombstone counts, but Jonas Shoe does not count, inter club does not count (because this event is restricted to only a small number of VMC members), match play that is not played on a Wednesday night or official VMC weekend tournament do not count
    3. A golfer must hand in their official score card to the Wednesday night tournament chair or Weekend tournament chair; if a score card was not officially handed over to the tournament chair then scores are not eligible for ringer board (for 2020/21 we are not handing in cards – so this is a requirement for 2020/21). Besides the scorecard you must enter your hole by hole scores (I emphasize you must enter the actual hole by hole not your adjusted score – make sure you enter the correct “Date Played” [e.g. 2021-05-05] – entering the incorrect date will exclude your scores) on the Golf Canada website (if you are having trouble entering scores on the website please contact your Handicap Chair for assistance – the scorecards are the backup source – Golf Canada is the primary source). You can also check the audit page for the specific year (2021 Rounds Posted [VMC Results menu]- to see if you are missing posted rounds or if you rounds are posted for the wrong “played” date – making the scores ineligible for the ringer board).
    4. You do not have to play a minimum number of holes for your score to count towards the ringer board, as long you abide by the first three rules the hole scores count towards the ringer board; for example if you X’d out some holes because you were unable to complete a hole (e.g. lost ball and you were unable to complete the hole abiding by the rules of golf, weather delay, thunderstorm and you were asked to leave the course, you had to leave the course without completing your round for whatever reason [e.g. injury], you could only play the front or back nine).
      Rule 4 note: related to but not directly related to rule 4 are the official rules of golf for posting a score for handicaps (are based on playing 9 or 18 holes, you need to play a minimum of 4 holes, if you are unable to complete any of other 5 holes and had to X out for those holes, then you must post net PAR for the hole based on your course handicap [e.g. you have a CH of 18 that means you have a stroke on all 18 holes – if you had to X out on hole 6 – then you will post a net PAR of 5])

A ringer board in golf is used to accumulate the best score for every hole during a season. For example if you score a 7 on the first hole of a round one day, then on another VMC event you score a 4 on the first hole. The 7 would be deleted and replaced with the 4. If you then score a 5 on the first hole, the 4 would remain. At the end of the season the ringer board would then show the best score for each hole played during the season.

Eligible tournaments for the ringer board are stroke play events played on an official VMC day: Wednesday nights, Interclub Qualifier, Kickoff Tournament, Johnny Aitkin, Mid Season Classic, Tombstone, and President’s Choice (for 2020/21 we are including Club Championship day 1 and 2).

Ineligible tournaments: Jim Mahar, Away Tournament, RVC (match play), Interclub matches (not all members are eligible to play), Rd1/2 Club Championship (past the cut off date – included for 2021 because the cut off date is August 25), Champion’s Cup (past the cut off date), Club Final (scramble), any match (single/double) not played on a VMC day, and any Wednesday night played after Club Championship (for 2021 we are extending this to August 25).

Reminder official score card requirements:

      1. Print your full name, ensure it is clearly written on the scorecard (for each golfer)
      2. Make sure your course handicap (this is represented as a whole number on the Golf Canada site e.g. 18 vs. 18.0/18.1/18.5 [is your index]) is clearly marked on the scorecard (for each golfer).
      3. Make sure your score on every hole is clearly marked (for all golfers).
      4. Make sure you have properly added your gross and net scores (for each golfer).

* if one person is entering the scores for a foursome, they are responsible making all the
information on the card is legible… Each golfer should review the card for accuracy

For any questions concerning the ringer board, please contact your ringer board administrator (Marvin Wadsworth).

Final Results:

2020 Ringer Board flight winners
2019 Ringer Board
2018 Ringer Board
2017 Ringer Board
2016 Ringer board
2015 Ringer board
2014 Ringer board


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