Match Play (Singles)

Match Play (Singles)
Singles Match Play Draw (click on link)
Tournament Dates: May 15th thru September 4th
Deadline for entries: Sunday, May 5th
Singles draw posted by: May 10th

This is a Singles Match Play tournament

Participants are limited to 64 players
  • Full handicaps are in use for this tournament.
  • The deadline for each round of the tournament is as follows:
    • Round 1 – June 5
    • Round 2 – June 26 
    • Round 3 – July 17
    • Round 4 – August 7
    • Round 5 (Semi Final) – August 21
    • Round 6 (Final and Consolation) – September 4
  • By entering you agree to share contact information with other participants.
  • Scheduling of matches is arranged by the participants.
  • Matches are mostly played during Men’s Night but can be played on any day of the allotted time for that round. If you and your competitor wish to arrange a match for the next Wed night, indicate so on the sign-up sheet.
  • Deadlines will be strictly adhered to. If you are unable to be contacted for scheduling of a match prior to the deadline, you will be disqualified. If neither individual makes an effort to schedule their match, then it will be decided by a coin toss.  Requests for extension are at the discretion of the Match Play Chairperson.
  • For all other instances, unplayed matches from each round will be considered to be scheduled on the deadline date for that round. Failure to show for your tee time will result in disqualification – no exceptions.
  • There will be no “B” side but there is a consolation round for those that lose in the semi-final round.
  • In match play the game is played by holes. Except as otherwise provided in the Rules of Golf, a hole is won by the side that holes its ball in fewer strokes. In a handicap match the lower net score wins the hole. A match (which consists of a stipulated round, unless otherwise decreed by the Committee) is won by the side which is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played.
  • Best net score is recorded on each hole.
  • The individual that wins the hole scores plus 1. The team that loses the hole scores minus 1. If the hole is tied, neither individual receives a point.
  • If the match is tied after 18 holes, the match is to be decided by sudden-death playoff beginning at Hole #1. Handicaps are still in play for the play-off. (Check in at the Pro-shop to be slotted in among the public)
  • Allowance – The higher handicapped player receives the full difference between the Course Handicaps of the two players: the lower handicapped player shall play from scratch.
  • Example – A player with a Course Handicap of 17 shall receive four strokes from a player with a Course Handicap of 13. The player receives them on the holes allocated as the first four handicap-stroke holes.
  • If a match cannot be completed because of inclement weather (either individual can suspend the match due to inclement weather), it must be re-played from the point at which it was suspended.
  • 1st and 2nd place on the main side
  • 1st and 2nd place on the consolation side


2023 Champion – Jim Rainey (right)
2023 Consolation Winner – Lincoln Chow

Singles Draw – Final Results

Past Winners:

2022 (Rick J) Consolation (Nalaka M)

2021 (Rick J) Consolation (Gregor A)
2020 (Allan N) Consolation (Gregor A)
2019 (Gary S) b-side (Tony D)
2018 (Salim K) b-side (Darrell L)
2017 (Ian M) b-side (Stan S)
2016 (Salim K) b-side (Jim R)
2015 (Gord E) b-side (Allan N)
2014 (Jim R) b-side (Salim K)
2013 (Derrick F?)
2012 (Art G) b-side (Marvin W)
2011 (Trung C) b-side (Ray S)
2010 (Allan N)
2009 (Stan M)
2008 (Paul T)
2007 (Mario B)

2020 (Allan N – 2 time winner)
2019 (Gary S)
2018 (Salim K – 2 time winner)
2015 (Gord)


June 23, 2024 12:00 AM
September 25, 2024 12:00 AM
August 28, 2024 12:00 AM

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