Wednesday Night Tournament

Wednesday Night Tournament
Wednesday Night is for competitive golf with an emphasis on fun and socialization.
Each week is Medal Play (stroke play) with hole prizes for all handicap groups.
All members of the Victoria Men’s Golf Club are eligible to participate.
The Cut-off for signing up to play on Wednesday is Sunday @ Noon.
The Game
  • Medal Play (stroke play)
  • RCGA rules of golf are in full effect, except where local rules supersede.
  • All rounds played will begin from the BLACK Tees for ALL handicaps.
  • No “Gimmies” when putting. All holes are to be putted out to completion.
  • No “Mulligan’s” are allowed
  • ONE Scorecard per group is to be handed in at the end of your round.
  • All scores are to be entered into Golf Canada, hole by hole with the proper date played, by Thursday at Midnight. 
    • All cards must include the following information:
      • Date played
      • Full name of each player
      • Gross score for each player
      • Handicap for each player
  • Pace of play is to be maintained at all times.
    • Target 4 hours and 15 minutes
    • Keep up to the group in front of you.
    • Keep pre-shot routines to a minimum
    • Move quickly to your next shot and play ready golf.
  • $5.00 will be collected by the pro-shop every Wednesday from everyone who is playing.
  • All money that is collected each Wednesday will be paid out on that Wednesday.
  • All prize pay-outs will be paid in the form of a pro-shop credit.
The prize holes will be as follows (prize markers will be on each hole):
  • Hole #3 – KP (Hdcp 12 and under)
  • Hole #4 – Long Drive (Flight # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Hole #6 – KP 2nd Shot (All Hdcp)
  • Hole #7 – KP (Hdcp 13 and over)
  • Hole #9 – Long Putt (All Hdcp)
  • Hole #12 – KP (All Hdcp)
  • Hole #18 – Long Putt (All Hdcp)
  • Low Gross – 18 Hole Round
    • Flight #1 – Hdcp 6 and under
    • Flight #2 – Hdcp 7 to 11
    • Flight #3 – Hdcp 12 to 15
    • Flight #4 – Hdcp 16 to 20
    • Flight #5 – Hdcp 21 and up
  • Low Net – Front 9 Only
    • All members who play the Front 9 ONLY, will compete for one Low Net prize, ALL handicaps included.
    • All those playing 18 holes will NOT be eligible for this prize
Prizes are subject to change without notice

Play Well!


August 30, 2023 12:00 AM
September 23, 2023 7:30 AM

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