Wall of Honour

Wall of Honour
YearGolferVic HoleDateWitnessPost
2022Chalard "Chilly" Congcar17 (hole in one)2022-06-01Eddie Mah
Tom Ray
Curtis Shell
2022 Hole-in-One
2021Jonathan Williams7 (hole in one)2021-08-25John Smith
Campbell Mackenzie
Jeremiah Leder
2021 Hole-in-One
2021Jason Wolff7 (hole in one)2021-07-14Pat Gowan
Trung Cao
2021 Hole-in-One
2020Andy Ho7 (hole in one) 138yds
8 Iron
2020-08-05JR Rafols
Parker Hogan
Al Chapman
2020 Hole-in-One
2019Peter Leong12 (hole in one)2019-07-17Ed Belmore2019 Hole-in-One
2018Len Souliere3 (hole in one)2018-08-01not available
2015Allan Nalli13 (albatross)2015-08-26Allen Christensen
Peter Leong
Mike Woodcroft
2015 Albatross
2015Mark Gibson12 (hole in one)2015-05-20not available2015 Hole-in-One
2014Joe Vaitkunus12 (hole in one)2014-10-22David McLean
Wayne Sayler
Bob Eyre
2014 Hole-in-One
2011Joe Kerenyi (guest)17 (hole in one)2011-09-14Allan Nalli
Mike Woodcroft
Stan Mah
Salim Kassam
2010Jim Rainey12 (hole in one)
2010Shane Feilding14 (hole in one)
2007Dale Belter7 (hole in one)
2006Allan Nalli12 (hole in one)2006-07-05Peter Leong
Mike Woodcroft
2006Tony Defazio7 (hole in one)
2002Derrick Forsythe3 (hole in one)
1995Derrick Forsythe12 (hole in one)
1993Dale Belter8 (hole in one)
1989Dale Belter12 (hole in one)
1981Tim Phillips12 (hole in one)


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September 25, 2024 12:00 AM
August 28, 2024 12:00 AM

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