Victoria Mens' Club

River Valley Challenge

Tournament Dates: CANCELLED FOR 2018

Location: Victoria Golf Course or Riverside Golf Course

The Game

The RVC is played using a Ryder Cup Format. Both, Victoria and Riverside will field teams of 32 golfers broken down into four flights of eight golfers as follows:

  • Handicap 0-9,
  • Handicap 10-15,
  • Handicap 16-20, and
  • Handicap 21 and up.

Players will be selected by random draw and will compete in singles match play using handicaps. Each player competes for three points — one point for the front nine; one point for the back nine and one point for the overall match. Draws result in 0.5 points for each player (per nine, and overall match).

The team with the greatest number of points at the end of the contest is declared the winner.

In the event of a tie, the team currently holding the RVC trophy retains the cup for the year.

2017 RVC Draw
2016 RVC Draw
2015 RVC Draw
2014 RVC Draw
2013 RVC Draw
2012 RVC Draw
2011 RVC Draw

2017 (Victoria victory)
2015 (Victoria victory)

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